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Welcome from Coach Nicole

Let me help YOU to live boldly and achieve your goals through coaching.

My mission is to help YOU to live boldly and to fan the flame of God’s gift within you! ~ 2 Timothy 1:6-7

  • Do you love what you do as a career?
  • Does your volunteer service fit exactly who you are and what you love to do?
  • Are your dreams a reality right now?
  • Is taking care of your health, your finances and your relationships as important to you as taking care of everyone else?

Work with me, and I (Coach Nicole) can help you achieve these goals and much more through coaching–a process for people who desire to live fully, authentically and on purpose. It’s past time to get on the right path and, if you’re there, to maximize the impact you’re having in work, ministry, relationships and life!

Invest in Yourself

This site is one resource to help you invest in yourself, for you and for others.

• Share your gifts and talents in the best ways possible

• Understand your dreams, goals and aspirations more clearly–and know there is a reason for these!

• Explore your experiences in a safe, confidential environment

• Establish a clear vision and set definite goals for moving forward

• Live, serve and give with joy, health, growth and an overall sense of well-being

• Coaching can be a great resource every step of the way.